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Dear all,

Dedicated to our beloved president

Dr APJ Abdul kalam.

SAMA 2016-

Dear  all,

SAMA, Sri Academy of Music and Arts, is organizing the 7th Annual Music Festival, on July 17, 2016. This year’s event is dedicated to our most beloved former president, Dr A.P.J.Abdul Kalam. As in the preceding years, this year too, the academy is conducting a number of competitions for school children. We invite students of your school to send in / walk in with their entries on the day of the festival. The topics for the competitions and the

size/ length limits are as follows :

1.     What I know about Dr. Kalam  – handwritten essay, on both sides of an A4 size sheet. (Note: prepare an article in your home itself and submit on the day of the event @ 7 am)

2.     Pencil sketching/ Oil painting/ Cartooning of Dr. Kalam – B4 size drawing sheets/ canvas.(Note: prepare a sketching or painting in your home itself and submit on the day of the event @ 7 am)

3.     Wings of fire – scintillations – handwritten essay, 3-4 pages, A4 size sheets.(Note: prepare an article in your home itself and submit on the day of the event @ 7 am)

The entries will be judged considering the age groups as  5- 10 years, 10 –  15 years , 15 years and above.

Three cash prizes will be awarded to the winners in each of the age groups.

Note :- Children are suppose to just submit the work ie painting or the sketching or the article after finishing the work in their respective homes.

A child can participate in any or all of the events.

Children should indicate their name, name of the institution , age and contact  number along with each of their entries.

There is no entry fee to participate in the contests.

I request the Heads of the institutions and staff to bring the information to the attention of all students and their parents.

Your active participation is solicited.

Submission date : July 17, 2016

Time  :7AM

Venue : Rajalakshmi Kalyana Mantapa,Jayanagar, Bengalururu,Submission date : July 17, 2016

Time 7 am


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